Welcome Arno Salters!

Highly acclaimed director Arno Salters has signed to MindsEye for UK representation.  

Calling himself a ‘Franco British Humanoid’, Arno is best known for his incredible design and detailed set pieces, offbeat performances, cleverly choreographed technical set-ups and on point comedic moments.

Splitting his youth between Paris and London, a young Arno soaked up all that both cities had to offer, something he says comes through in his work. Studying Russian and Political Theory at LSE may not be the most traditional route into film-making but a commission from Imogen Heap started the cogs that launched his illustrious career.

MindsEye co-founder, Hughie Phillips comments, ‘We’re delighted to welcome Arno. His inventive visual style, great eye for art direction along with a natural instinct for fun and captivating characters make him a perfect fit for us.'

Arno adds ‘Hughie came through with really strong enthusiasm and his plan for me totally aligned with my personal goals. More importantly, he promised to get a Ping Pong table for the office…’ 

Whilst he has a flair for the more technical projects, Arno likes to ‘counter the technical dimensions of a project by giving it as effortless a feel as possible, so that the story is experienced just through the performance of the actors and the camera moves alone’. This is evident in the behind the scenes film for General Elektriks  Different Blue.’

His latest campaign for prefabricated homes brand ‘Clayton’ was captured entirely in camera, bar one shot. Filmed over 3 days, with only a single day’s rehearsal, the film follows a lady, who we meet standing in a vast, empty studio.  As she moves through the space, a stylish, family home is cleverly building around her. 

Arno has directed campaigns for global mega brands such as Ebay, Wrangler, Diesel, Canon and Playstation, as well as a plethora of acclaimed music videos and shorts (including ‘Me and My Goldfish’, which was written and narrated by comedy legend, Rik Mayall).