MindsEye opens HomeStudio

A community of home-based filmmakers joins forces to meet your creative needs.

Ever since the current crisis started, we have wanted to find a way to bring some positivity back into the industry. We wanted to find a way to keep filmmakers creating and ensure that great content can still be produced. That's how HomeStudio was born.

Over the past week we've brought together a community of filmmakers with the capacity to make film content in their own homes. We have some incredible people involved; from the husband and wife team bringing their DOP/Directing and food styling talents together, the self-isolating brother and sister (Director and DOP) who have converted their garage into a studio, and a directing duo who live together, who double up as a DP and Art Director in their spare time. We've also got some brilliant stop frame animators. There’s a real want and need to keep moving forward and we've not only been amazed, but are in awe of the energy and positivity that we’ve come across.

Joining forces with our sister company, influencer marketing agency Billion Dollar Boy, HomeStudio is also able to offer influencer content creators from around the world to produce content, working remotely with their own kit to shoot, edit and deliver films.

HomeStudio will be run as a white label; a community of filmmakers coming together and we will respond to briefs with specific, recommended talent. As a new offering, the studio is adapting daily to the challenges that the industry is facing, but our adaptable set-up means that we are able to address many scenarios, as we find solutions to any creative challenges. 

HomeStudio opens its doors officially today to the industry and we'd love to hear from you. You can see some examples of the work from our creators and the types of content they are able to create from home by clicking on the HomeStudio link.

Hughie & Charlie