Jack Whitehall & Michael Dapaah - Google Pixel 4

Benjamin Green drops Jack Whitehall & Michael Dapaah off the map in our latest film for Google Pixel 4.

The film draws attention to features of the latest version of Google Assistant, such as Continued Conversation, which allows users to ask follow-up queries without having to say “Hey Google” each time. 

Speaking about the film, Director Ben Green said, ‘It’s been great working with the Google Pixel 4 team on finding the ways to endanger the lives of some of Britain’s most loved celebrities. Jack and Michael are used to their city life and creature comforts so we thought dropping them in the middle of nowhere on the wettest, coldest day of the year couldn’t not be funny. Luckily, the new Google assistant worked through the hail storm, otherwise I am pretty sure it would have ended our professional relationship'.