Creativity in Isolation

With full-scale shoots coming to a complete standstill, we launched HomeStudio last week, a community of filmmakers able to produce content remotely and our way of enabling clients and agencies to continue communicating with their audiences. 

A week in we have over 50 filmmakers in our network, predominantly from the UK but also from the US, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and across Europe. We thought it would be helpful to explain what type of work they can create. 

There is an immediate assumption that filmmakers at home must severely limit what can be produced. But this is not the case. We’ve highlighted three films below, all of which have been produced, in different ways, in the past week. We hope these inspire and start to show what is possible.

UGC certainly has its merits for the right campaign, but there will come a point of saturation and the ability to feedback is extremely limited. HomeStudio gives both agencies and clients a chance to retain creative control. Within our community, most filmmakers are isolating with friends or families and are happy to be featured as cast. 

There will clearly be certain limitations but, simply put, the earlier we can be brought into script conversations, the better we can help you scope out what is possible. 

'Thank You' for Aldi (featured above)

Whilst filming is not possible here at the moment, certain filming is still very much possible in Australia. Selina shot, edited and delivered this film in 48 hrs. This does give us scope to shoot scenes that may not be possible here and there is a good pool of acting talent available.

Isolated Trees

A short film made last week by a filmmaker at home with his family. Seeing the isolation experience through the eyes of his 4-year-old daughter surrounded by the chaos of life at home.

Freeride Skiing at Home 

This stop-frame animation was made by a German free-rider who could no longer go on his skiing holiday with his family. Filmed on a GoPro Hero 7.

Our contributors have a combination of Alexa Minis, Red Dragons or Sony FS7s; full lighting kits; certain art dept and an ability to receive products at their house. 

As well as shooting with their families and friends, they can shoot anything tabletop including packshots and food whilst their houses can provide a variety of backdrops and sets.

2D & 3D Animation

The incredible Lisbon Studio is able to work entirely remotely.

Stop-frame Animation

We have some fantastic animators poised to take on briefs in their own studio space.

User-Generated Content

With UGC campaigns expected to continue apace, we are able to source real people for you. We have extensive experience in sourcing members of the public for advertising campaigns through all of our hidden camera campaigns over the past five years.

Stay safe, stay inspired and let's create.